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Motley Electronic Topics

This is our collection of pages that are incongruous with the other spaces--an "Island of Misfit Topics" as it were.

Analog Bits


Component Guides

Character Displays

Digi-Key Search Enhancement


Graphical Display Interface



Monthly Kits


Multi-Function Joystick

NKK SmartSwitches and SmartDisplays


Solid-State Lighting

Special Purpose Processor

Thermal management

Trenz Electronic

Voice Solutions


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Page: advancedsearch Greasemonkey Userscript for Page: Alarm Project using PIR Motion Sensor Page: Analog Bits - Analog Combinator Circuit for Load Cells Page: Analog Bits - Modeling a Load Cell in SPICE Page: Analog Bits - Wheatstone Bridge Input and Output Resistance Page: ATECC508A Node Authentication Example Walk-through Page: A Thermal Management Example (Part 2: When Datasheets Attack) Page: A thermal management example (part one) Page: Autohotkey - Search Digi-Key Faster Page: Battery Chemistry Basics Page: Bit-banging the SmartDisplay Page: Bit-bang Serial Control of Newhaven OLED Character Display Page: Capacitors Page: Charging Lead Acid Battery Basics Page: Cirrus Logic Voice Solutions Page: Configuring the MAX17205 Fuel Gauge Without Writing to Nonvolatile Memory Page: Controlling the NKK 64x32 SmartSwitch and SmartDisplay Page: Controlling the SmartDisplay with an SPI Peripheral Page: Digi International XBee Cellular LTE CAT 1 Page: Driver selection for high-power LED arrays Page: Driving Servomotors Page: FETs (Field-Effect Transitors) Page: Fixed Inductors Page: Getting Started with Cognimem – An Autonomous Car Example Page: Getting Started with the ZynqBerry Page: How to Drive a Stepper Motor Page: How to Drive DC Motors with the X-NUCLEO-IHM12A1 Shield Page: How to Make a Proximity Sensor Using Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transmitters and Receivers. Page: Infrared Digital Communication Page: Interface PIC24 to Newhaven QVGA Color LCD Touch Display Page: Interface the Copal Electronics CJ25 Joystick Encoder Page: LTspice Tips - BI and BV Arbitrary Source Examples Page: LTspice Tips - Current Dependent Current Source Page: LTspice Tips - Keyboard Shortcut Map Hot Keys Page: LTspice Tips - Mathematical Integration Page: LTspice Tips - Plot Manually Entered Functions Page: LTspice Tips - Switching Supply Efficiency Page: Maxim's MAXREFDES131# Evaluation Board for the Panasonic GridEye Page: MikroElektronica's mikroBUS Click Boards Page: Minimizing EMI Problems in Noisy Switching Converter Circuits ...and Bears Page: Op Amp Basics Page: Panasonic Grid Eye Library for Atmel Software Framework Page: Panasonic Grid Eye Memory Registers Page: PIC32 and Harmony; Low-Cost Controllerless Graphics and Sensor Data Display Page: PIC32 Low-Cost Controllerless Graphics Interface to Newhaven Color LCD Page: Pixel Data Generator for Monochrome Graphical LCD Display Page: Pmod NAV and JSTK2 from Digilent Page: PNP Transistor Night Light Circuit Experiment Page: Simple Undervoltage and Overcurrent Protection for Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries Page: SPI Control of Newhaven Graphic Display Page: Thermal Interface Materials Page: Tron-Club Page: Tron-Club Advanced Kit 2 Page: Tron Club Basic Kit #2 Page: Troubleshooting articles Page: Wireless Control of Linearly Dimmed LED Drivers