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The advancedsearch script is intended to enhance user experience while browsing  and associated international websites.  

Highlights include:

  • Voltage Range Parsing
  • Remove Previous Filter Selections
  • Column Math
  • Parametric Scatter Charts
  • Picture Oriented Browsing Additions
  • Break-Even Price Point Calculations for Price Breaks (New)
  • Keyword Highlighting

This script is a hobby and as such may have some bugs or flaws, but it is intended to be a testbed for trying things that could be helpful for people trying to find parts.  Many functions are modular and can individually be disabled or enabled based on user preferences.    Inspiration for this userscript came from the now retired Digi-Key Sort By Price that added the then lacking title function to Digi-Key's website.


This script is updated and tested on the most current official releases of Firefox and Greasemonkey (v35 and v2.3 respectively being the latest at last edit of this page).  It will most likely work with older versions of FF and GM, but those are not the targets.    The script is also compatible with Google Chrome with the help of the Tampermonkey extension although functions are less thoroughly checked and may break without notice. It is known to not work on versions of FF 11 and prior.

This script is not designed with small screens in mind.  A 900p or larger screen is recommended for the best experience.


Note If the browser only opens a text file try clicking in the navigation bar (where the URL is located) and pressing the enter key.  If Greasemonkey is enabled, this should trigger the installation. If nothing happens check if Greasemonkey is enabled.
For Firefox

Install the Greasemonkey Add-on.  

Then click to install the script:


For Chrome

Install the Tampermonkey Extension*.  

Then click to install the script.

*special note:

Please go to your Tampermonkey settings and

change the Externals setting Update Interval to Always.

This will prevent odd behavior in Chrome.

Updates: Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey automatically check for script updates and download them as necessary.


  • Choice to default all searches to a desired quantity sorted by price (must be enabled in options)
  • Style changes, rounded corners, alternating row shading
  • Ability to click on filter options without using ctrl+click (no more slipping off of the ctrl key)(must be enabled in options)
  • Eliminates wasted space, extra search boxes, line breaks, combines some table columns (must be enabled in options)
  • Hide table columns by double-clicking
  • Instant results on Index page if search term matches family name.
  • Feature management area to turn many options on and off


  • Parameter specific search helpers. ie use text to find a voltage included in a range
  • This takes care of plenty of headaches when searching for LDOs
  • Visual highlighting of search terms
  • Box with the most likely results for a given search term
  • Always have access to search with compact floating header.
  • Example preview images by hovering over any link to a product family
  • Browse using pictures while filtering parts by parametrics
  • Break-Even Price Point Calculations for Price Breaks (New)
  • Cart now shows number of items in it and has hover-over view
  • Includes pictures and Inline Editing of quantities
  • Hover over a price to see all price breaks
  • Moves pricing and availability columns to avoid horizontal scrolling
  • Hovering over associated products on the part detail page gives more information about each part
  • Filter on all the Associated Products and see which ones are in stock
  • Remove Applied Filters (de-apply filters)

  • Hover over Category breadcrumb to see all Families in the category


Some features have found their way into the official Digi-Key site:

  • Live Results Count
  • Hover over images
  • Pricing, Availability and Datasheets have been moved to the left side of the results table
  • More than 25 parts per page can now be loaded
  • The minimum order quantity is now pre-filled in add to order quantity box
  • In-line cart editing, pictures in cart
  • Column sort highlighting
  • Floating table headers that follow when scrolling
  • Last breadcrumb is now a link to see all parts in family


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